Ford GT 1/18 by Autoart

The mechanical tinkering of a farm boy who didn’t want to be a farmer unwittingly ushered in the Ford Performance vehicles so prized, so uncommon, so iconic, so world-changing beginning with a quadra-cycle that had to be freed from a small shed by an axe for its trial run. A “leather belted transmission” sufficed as did a bicycle chain for moving the vehicle through the streets toward Detroit at 4 am. The eccentric Henry Ford paved a superhighway into supercar automotive history.

Ford GT 2017, Liquid Red/Silver Stripes autoart 1:18

Fast forward and fix your eyes on the Liquid Red Ford GT 2017 by Autoart. This stunning 1:18 scale work of art of the second-generation Ford GT was previewed at the 2015 American International Auto Show appropriately hosted in Detroit, home of America’s grand auto industry. This Ford GT (Grand Turismo) would not be among the world’s finest and fastest Supercars were it not for the American auto titan Henry Ford II’s quest to be victorious in the world-famous LeMans grand touring in France with an American-made entry. The rest, one can say, is history.

Scaled to near perfection, this replica of Ford’s mid-engine twin-turbo 3.5 litre V6 EcoBoost 647 HP heart is crafted to be a stand-out in any collection. Its aerodynamic lines reflects both past and present: the first-generation Ford GT is gorgeously embodied what you see in the second-generation’s underlying structure. In an article on the actual 2017 GT for Auto Trader car enthusiast Trevor Spedden artfully describes what you immediately note when looking at the 1:18 from overhead: “The body has a raindrop shape that tapers at the rear of the vehicle. Buttresses connect the rear wheels to the fenders to the main section of the car, with the result being significantly enhanced downforce and stability.” In other words, to own this prize scale model is to see beauty, touch class, and stir the imagination with its unsurpassed power.

Ford GT 2017, Liquid Red/Silver Stripes autoart 1:18

Autoart achieves hallmark status in the intricacies that immediately catch the eye. Display yours with the raised bonnet hydraulics exposing the mid-engine monster or the gull-wing doors lofted or shut for speed one can see its uniqueness. Very few criticisms can be leveled against this sought-after supercar of note beside its smooth, undetailed underbelly. Stare at its mesmerizing rear end and any deficiency is forgotten! Besides, with an iconic machine proven at 216 mph surpassing the McLaren 675 LT and Ferrari 458 Speciale if you don’t look quickly, it will be gone, out of sight! You can buy the Ford GT here.

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