What are 1/18 Diecast Cars?

At 1:18 scale, these models measure about one-sixteenth the size of actual vehicles. They typically comes from Zamak zinc diecasting alloy and plastics. 1:18 Scale is the term used for this particular class of the model car size and type.

Most 1:18 scale model made recently has a fully working door, bonnet, and trunk along with a functional steering wheel that turns the front wheels. Tires are often mounted on spring-loaded suspensions so they can move around realistically when you play with them! Usually, there’s an engine under the hood – whether it’s just cast onto the body or actually separate from it. Read more about diecast cars for sale here.

Higher-end models come with leather interiors, accurate engines, movable windshield wipers, adjustable seats, and gears you can shift – anything else you might expect from a real car is also included. And because most models stand 11 inches long by 5 inches wide by 4 inches tall (280mm x 130mm x 100mm), these parts make up each inch of detail available in this size range. Read more about sizes of 1/18 cars here.

You’ll find licensing agreements between companies and car manufacturers who want to recreate their classic cars through these models – which could be new editions of those still coming out or discontinued.

Typical number of parts per car

This varies depending on the model and cost of each diecast car; mid to high-end cars typically use around 150-400 parts, while higher-end models may use over 1,000 parts.

Popular Manufactures


AUTOart is a Hong Kong-based company that produces diecast models of cars. Formerly owned by Gateway Global Ltd., which was based in Costa Mesa, California; AUTOart now operates independently under its new owner, AA Collection Ltd. AUTOart produces diecast car models of scale sizes 1:43, 1:18, 1:12, and now 1:64.

Lamborghini Urus, Grigio Lynx/Metallic Grey Autoart 1:18Founded in 1998, AUTOart has since grown to produce some of the finest die-cast toy cars available. Recently they’ve expanded their product range to include other types of merchandise including pens and containers made out of real materials such as carbon fiber or metal.

There is a variety of series you can choose from when looking at these toys – including the Millennium Series, Performance Series, Signature Series, and even their newest addition called the Composite Series. What sets this line apart from others is its price – at around $250-$350.

Almost Real

Almost Real models is a diecast model manufacturer that manufactures high-quality models in 1:43 and 1:18 scales of luxury cars. They are a perfect solution if you’re looking for something halfway between expensive yet still high quality. Models such as these will never disappoint when it comes to sheer detail and finishing, so it doesn’t matter how much they cost because they’re worth every penny.

Almost Real modelsCMC

CMC is the pinnacle of every diecast collector’s interest. These hand-crafted replicas are not only made from over 1,000 different components, but they also feature things like real rubber wipers on windshields and realistic leather seats. And if you really want to play make-believe with your toy car then you need to press down on the handlebars in order to make them work – just like you would when opening a door or trunk of an actual vehicle. There is something for everybody at CMC – some people prefer meticulously crafted vintage classics while others may gravitate towards more modern subjects such as Ferrari 250 GTO or even Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato.