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Since 2016, MyDiecastCars has been selling diecast cars of the highest quality. Recently we changed our name from Racing Heroes.

Our warehouse is located in Idaho, USA but we happily ship diecast models worldwide. We try to update our inventory regularly which focuses on diecast models from Almost Real, AUTOart, CMC Models and LCD Models. We hope you find the model car you're looking for!

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Size of 1/18 Die Cast Car

What’s the size of scale 1:18 diecast cars?

The scale 1:18 diecast cars typically measure 11 inches (280mm) long and 5 inches (130mm) wide. It is important to remember that these measurements may differ based on the real-life size of the vehicle they represent.

What is a Diecast Car?

These cars are miniature models manufactured by using the die-casting method which usually uses a mix of zinc and aluminum. This is alloy is called Zamak which is an excellent metal to work with on smaller scales such as 1/18 and 1/43. Some confuse these model cars with model kits, the main difference between our model cars and model kits is that our models come fully assembled out of the box.

Does Diecast metal rust?

In normal circumstances, this metal combination does not rust. But if pushed to the extreme such as being soaked in water for months, rust can show up. We don’t recommend washing your car in water; instead just use a damp cloth when you clean your 1/18 cars.

How many parts are used for a typical 1/18 car?

This varies from car to car as well as the different details made by the diecast car manufacturer. Normally mid to high-end 1/18 cars use between 150 to 400 parts while the top models can use well over 1,000 parts.

Do collectible model cars increase in value?

Often scale 1/18 models can increase in value sometime after production has stopped. This varies highly depending on the demand for the specific model as well as the production numbers by the car model manufacturer. We at MyDiecastCars don’t recommend buying models as speculative assets, but instead, enjoy them for what they are.

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