AUTOart – Quality Diecast Cars

Hong Kong-based diecast model car line AUTOart is sold by AA Collection Ltd. Previously owned by Gateway Global Ltd., which was based in Costa Mesa, California.

With over a thousand unique pieces created to date, AUTOart has become the industry leader in 1:18 scale-size diecast models. The company offers a variety of high-quality replicas of vehicles from Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and Koenigsegg; as well as an extensive collection of race cars both latest and old.

High-end models of die-cast toy cars such as the Aston Martin are available alongside other racecars and classic Ford automobiles. These types of models come in different shapes, sizes, and price range for people from all walks of life – from young children to adults looking for an investment.

Autoart dedicates a whole team of expert craftspeople to make sure each product is made with impeccable attention to detail. They use only the finest materials, both for diecast pieces and paint jobs which always exceed expectations. The models they produce are handcrafted and quality-checked throughout every stage – all done in their own factory

They produce diecast car models of scale sizes 1:43, 1:18, 1:12, and now 1:64.


The company was founded in 1998 with their line of diecasts being called Gateway, Gate, and UT Models – renamed to AUTOart. Previously under another name, Paul’s Model Art Company that produced Minichamps had a partnership with these products from Germany until it became an independent entity. The official website can be found here. Nowadays they make diecasts and composite models alike for both cars and motorcycles which are split up into multiple series such as the Millennium Series, Performance Series, Signature Series, and Composite Series respectively.

Bugatti Chiron 1/18 Model Car

The company provides a wide range of automotive products such as pen-shaped shock absorbers, tissue boxes made out of carbon fiber, and even AAD clocks and watches. Some of their bestsellers are the company’s 1:18 scale composite material cars.

Different sizes

They have created a wide range of cars on nine scales. Usually, they range from 1:64 to 1:12s – about two to fourteen inches each. Wheels and tires, carpets, seatbelts, door handles, engines – each detail is replicated accurately. For example, it included an accurate representation of the 1971 Ford Mustang’s under-hood insulation, wood grain inserts for the doors, and authentic brake and gas pedals for one particular model at one size. A similar-sized 1941 Willys military jeep had accurately shaped reflectors as well as a mirror-like finish paint job. Dennis Doty, an authority on models of all kinds, and a contributor to Collectible Automobile Magazine described AUTOart models as truly spectacular.

Past and current car models

Many models are racer cars, sports cars, or high-performance vehicles – for example the White BMW 3.0 CSL 1973 winner at Spa. However, there are also many sedans and compact cars available such as the New Beetle or the Chrysler PT Cruiser. For example, the 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer was produced by Kaiser, AMC, and Chrysler over a twenty-five-year period and featured details such as accurate and realistic period wheels; turn signals; a roof rack; vinyl wood siding; plus working tailgate all over its body.

Though primarily showcasing European automobiles, models have no such boundaries. For example, one review found on Hemming’s Sports & Exotics Car covers the wonderful 1970 Lamborghini Espada 2+2 AutoArt produces—a car apart from others similarly decorated with either Countach or Diablo models. In this way, they offer both new-and-popular C7 Corvettes to rare vintage racing cars like the 1965 Formula One World Champion Mario Andretti drove at Monaco—historical racecars that include many others through the ’60s and ’70s (starting around 1938).

Though American Ford Crown Vics, British Humberside Police, and Subarus are examples of cars that include both professional and custom-built vehicles. Mercedes-Benz E220 taxis can also be seen throughout Europe showing it won’t limit their selection just because they’re all different types of vehicles. Finally, some Italian Vespa scooters have been released thus far; you never know what could come next.

Australian Market Holden and Chrysler cars are also featured in this model car collection, though a new entity enters the game. Biante Model Cars of Australia was manufactured in China by Autoart- where produces many models bearing both names. One such owner was Trevor Young, who passed away in 2006.

McLaren 720S 1/18

More recently, they have also created replicas for popular TV and film tie-ins including the Mad Max Road Warrior 1973 Australian Ford Falcon Interceptor driven by Mel Gibson, the Gulf Porsche 917 raced by Steve McQueen in the movie LeMans, or the Toyota Trueno from the popular anime show Initial D. All of these cars are available in 1:18 scale.

AUTOart is now producing cars from composite plastic and diecast interior components instead of the traditional diecast body and plastic chassis. Moving to this new production process allows for greater detail (such as paneling) at a lower cost relative to its predecessors.


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