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Hong Kong-based diecast model car line AUTOart is sold by AA Collection Ltd. Previously owned by Gateway Global Ltd., which was based in Costa Mesa, California.

The company has established itself as the leader in 1:18 scale diecast models, having made more than a thousand unique pieces. They offer a wide selection of exact replicas of cars from Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and Koenigsegg; as well as a large assortment of both classic and modern race cars.

High-end models of die-cast toy cars such as the Aston Martin are available alongside other racecars and classic Ford automobiles. These types of models come in different shapes, sizes, and price ranges for people from all walks of life – from young children to adults looking for an investment.

AutoArt’s journey began with a focus on producing 1/18 scale die-cast models, which became their hallmark. Right from the start, the company showcased an unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship, setting new standards in the industry. The intricate details, impeccable finishing, and remarkable accuracy of their models soon gained the attention and admiration of collectors and enthusiasts around the globe.

As AutoArt’s reputation grew, so did its product range. The company expanded its offerings to include a wide array of scales, from the larger 1/12 and 1/8 scales to the more compact 1/43 and 1/64 scales. This diversification allowed them to cater to the varying preferences and budgets of collectors, further cementing their position as a leader in the industry.

One of AutoArt’s defining characteristics is their meticulous attention to detail. The company employs a team of skilled artisans, engineers, and designers who meticulously study every aspect of the original cars they aim to replicate. From the exterior bodywork and interior features to the engine components and undercarriage details, AutoArt models strive for unparalleled accuracy and realism.

AutoArt’s commitment to excellence goes beyond just replicating the aesthetics of a car. They have a strong focus on capturing the essence and spirit of each automobile they recreate. This dedication has led to collaborations with renowned automakers, including the likes of Lamborghini, Porsche, McLaren, Bugatti, and Aston Martin, among others. These partnerships have allowed AutoArt to produce officially licensed models that bear the authentic branding and badges of the original manufacturers.

Over the years, AutoArt has continued to innovate and refine their production processes. They have incorporated advanced technologies such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining to enhance precision and efficiency. This blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques ensures that AutoArt models maintain their exceptional quality while keeping pace with the ever-evolving automotive industry.

In addition to their die-cast models, AutoArt has also expanded into other product lines, including composite models, slot cars, and accessories. Each new release showcases the company’s relentless pursuit of perfection and their passion for delivering unparalleled replicas that bring joy and satisfaction to collectors worldwide.

Bugatti Chiron 1/18 Model Car

AutoArt’s commitment to excellence has been recognized with numerous industry accolades and awards. Their models have received acclaim for their superior quality, attention to detail, and innovation in design. These accolades serve as a testament to AutoArt’s dedication to creating truly exceptional replicas that capture the imagination of automotive enthusiasts and collectors.

With a remarkable history spanning several decades, AutoArt continues to push the boundaries of scale model craftsmanship, bringing the beauty and excitement of iconic automobiles to life in miniature form. Their unwavering commitment to quality, precision, and authenticity ensures that every AutoArt model remains a timeless piece of automotive art that can be cherished and admired for generations to come.

Different sizes

Many models are racer cars, sports cars, or high-performance vehicles – for example the White BMW 3.0 CSL 1973 winner at Spa. However, there are also many sedans and compact cars available such as the New Beetle or the Chrysler PT Cruiser. For example, the 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer was produced by Kaiser, AMC, and Chrysler over a twenty-five-year period and featured details such as accurate and realistic period wheels; turn signals; a roof rack; vinyl wood siding; plus working tailgate all over its body.

Though primarily showcasing European automobiles, models have no such boundaries. For example, one review found on Hemming’s Sports & Exotics Car covers the wonderful 1970 Lamborghini Espada 2+2 —a car apart from others similarly decorated with either Countach or Diablo models. In this way, they offer both new-and-popular C7 Corvettes to rare vintage racing cars like the 1965 Formula One World Champion Mario Andretti drove at Monaco—historical racecars that include many others through the ’60s and ’70s (starting around 1938).

Though American Ford Crown Vics, British Humberside Police, and Subarus are examples of cars that include both professional and custom-built vehicles. Mercedes-Benz E220 taxis can also be seen throughout Europe showing it won’t limit their selection just because they’re all different types of vehicles. Finally, some Italian Vespa scooters have been released thus far; you never know what could come next.

Australian Market Holden and Chrysler cars are also featured in this model car collection, though a new entity enters the game. Biante Model Cars of Australia was manufactured in China by Autoart- where produces many models bearing both names. One such owner was Trevor Young, who passed away in 2006.

McLaren 720S 1/18

The model car company is now producing cars from composite plastic and diecast interior components instead of the traditional diecast body and plastic chassis. Moving to this new production process allows for greater detail (such as paneling) at a lower cost relative to its predecessors.

One of the most anticipated 1/18 models just released by Autoart: The McLaren Speedtail.

Autoart McLaren Speedtail, Frozen Blue 1/18The McLaren Speedtail, one of the most sought-after and exclusive cars in the world, represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering and design. With only a limited number produced, the chance to own the actual vehicle is a privilege reserved for a fortunate few. However, AutoArt’s meticulous attention to detail has allowed enthusiasts to experience the sheer magnificence of the Speedtail from the comfort of their own homes.

Every aspect of the 1/18 scale model has been meticulously crafted to mirror the original car’s stunning presence. From the elongated and streamlined bodywork to the iconic dihedral doors, no detail has been overlooked. The model’s exterior showcases the same smooth curves, sharp lines, and aerodynamic elements that define the real McLaren Speedtail. The precision with which each panel and aerodynamic feature has been replicated is truly exceptional.

The interior of the 1/18 scale model is a work of art in itself. Opening the intricately crafted dihedral doors reveals a meticulously recreated cabin, complete with a scaled-down dashboard, steering wheel, seats, and center console. AutoArt has taken great care in capturing the essence of the Speedtail’s luxurious and futuristic interior, using high-quality materials and finishes to replicate the intricate details.


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