McLaren P1 GTR Geneve Autoshow Limited Edition 500 1:18 by Almost Real


All eyes will be drawn to this stunning replica of this now street-legal 986 hp McLaren. The detailed cockpit is revealed as the winged-doors slide in upward trajectory. Removing the rear engine bonnet exposes the monstrous P1 GTR engine. This McLaren will immediately become another champion in your collection and rightly so.

Fast facts about the Almost Real 1:18 McLaren P1 GTR Geneve Autoshow 2015:

  • Steerable wheels
  • Doors open
  • Hood opens
  • Trunk opens
  • Body mostly made with metal
  • Working suspension
  • Packaged in styrofoam shell

Limited edition of 500 worldwide. Low quantities remaining.

Out of stock

Out of stock

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