Mercedes – Maybach S-Class 2019 Obsidian Black 1:18 by Almost Real


Persistence powers perfection. In 1960 Mercedes-Benz purchased Maybach, the elite luxury brand founded in 1906, with an engineering eye focused on advancing automotive perfection. As in any corporate venture disappointment can be found in the unknown. When the brand was closed by Daimler in 2013 persistence fueled Mercedes engineers to infuse the Maybach legacy into the S-Class range.

Almost Real celebrates this distinctive legacy with its 1:18 Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2019 with a regal elegance set apart from the S-Class version by its longer luxury stance. (The actual vehicle runs nearly 18 feet and sports a wheelbase of roughly 11 feet, exceeding the S-Class by nearly 10 inches in both dimensions.) An equally striking feature is the Maybach grill with 25 vertical struts which according to the automaker was inspired by the design of pinstripe suits. One will also note the reconfigured headlamps and front bumper design from the so-called S-Class “facelift.”

Observing this elegant 1:18 up close with doors open, the interior compartment reveals details befitting a grand motorcar. Executive seating beckons passengers to cocoon and enjoy leisure or conduct business. Whether a collector chooses Obsidian Black or the duotone Obsidian Black/Iridium Silver combination there is no mistaking this as a luxury automobile, unsurpassed in engineering and beauty. One can almost feel the Napa leather seating and marvel at self-selected stitching. Opening the hood reveals a masterpiece of performance, with options on the actual vehicle being a 463 horsepower V-8 or a 621 horsepower V-12. Almost Real presents its Mercedes-Maybach S-Class 2019 1:18 to you, committed to persistence powering perfection in the world of collectibles.

Fast facts about the Almost Real 1:18 2019 Mercedes Maybach S-Class Obsidian Black/Iridium Silver:

  • Steerable wheels
  • Doors open
  • Hood opens
  • Trunk opens
  • Body mostly made with metal
  • Working suspension
  • Packaged in styrofoam shell
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