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  • Hi Lukas - a few years before Russia invaded Ukraine I was able to purchase the figure from a eBay Seller in Russia - SCALE F: CLASS who provided a variety of limited 1/18 hand painted famous automotive figurines. They have been banned from selling on eBay since the Russian invasion.

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    • Does SCALE F: CLASS have a website?

      • Hi Steve - Sorry can’t help you with a website. I have also been purchasing hand painted 1:18 figures from a source in Poland. They are just as detailed but selection limited. On eBay his store is under hqffmc. His offerings are more along the line of famous European automotive people Enzo Ferrari - Lamborghini- Koenigsegg etc. Takes awhile for d…Read More

  • Been following this site for awhile - contemplating making my first purchase after reading positive reviews

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    • I was in your position last week and finally pulled the trigger and bought one and received it few days after. Highly recommended!

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